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CeDAR Central provides you with the most up-to-date information you need to remain connected to CeDAR’s Alumni Community. We encourage you to  bookmark this page and routinely check it for the most current information. Getting involved helps you to strengthen and enrich your own recovery, while also supporting the recovery of others within the community. 

Phone List

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Participate in virtual and in-person community recovery meetings.

Recovery Events

Boredom can be a trigger. Find and explore a variety of pro-recovery events.


Get involved through service to support CeDAR Alumni programming.


Join an interactive Facebook group exclusive to CeDAR Alumni for a variety of recovery content.

Coffee Talk

Creating community through individual connection. Schedule a 1:1 with Meghan. In-person or virtual options available.


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This section includes a variety of recovery-related exercises and  resources for on-going learning.

CeDAR Alumni Program FAQ:

  • The CeDAR Alumni Program is an all-recovery community with 12-step influence as we honor certain 12-step traditions including handing out sobriety chips. CAP supports all pathways to recovery. We encourage you to explore and discover which pathways work best for you. Various pathways do not compete, but rather compliment.
  • Our community is comprised of all walks of life representing various life stages, recovery stages, races, creeds, gender expressions, sexual identities, professions and life experiences; all are welcome to heal and recover here.
  • CAP offers a variety of services for CeDAR Alumni Members including recovery meetings, support groups, community service opportunities, sober social activities, personal development opportunities, Coffee Talks, recovery networking, outreach and more.
  • CAP is a peer-led program which means we rely upon Alumni Members to engage and contribute through service and collaboration. We continually seek to provide platforms for Alumni Members to share ideas, experiences and feedback which is how we maintain the quality and relevancy of programming while also sustaining our values of connection, community and collaboration.

Community Guidelines:

  • Safety. We recognize safety to be the most vital and foundational component to a healthy, thriving and sustainable community. We are committed to best safety practices through respecting all CeDAR Alumni Members and their unique recovery process, honoring the privacy of all CeDAR Alumni Members by not disclosing anyone’s identity to those outside of the community and by taking individual responsibility for how we choose to conduct ourselves within the community, ensuring conduct is rooted the principles of recovery.

Mission: To support and enrich an alumni member’s journey through providing pathways to connection, service and personal development.

Vision: Connecting CeDAR residents to a vibrant alumni community where every member is both valued and treated as a resource allowing for a recovery-centric life imbued with meaning, purpose and joy.

Values: Connection, Community & Collaboration

Battle Cry: We are stronger together


  1. Staying in touch. Our Alumni Community uses a free messaging app called GroupMe to chat and connect in between meetings and groups. This is  great place to make connections and seek support. Join using this link: https://groupme.com/join_group/94709690/7nzPZF33
  2. Sharing the warmth. We are on the heels of winter and so we need to stock up the clothing pantry with warm items such as hoodies, coats, gloves, hats and scarves. Please visit: https://www.cedarcolorado.life/cedars-clothing-and-toiletry-pantry/for more information.